Flat Teacher Project

Hello darlings!

I completed this project with my students during the school closures last quarter.  The Flat Teacher Project is a spin off of the book Flat Stanley.  This fun activity allows your students to take "you" on adventures with them.  I had my students choose activities from a choice board and then take a picture with my Bitmoji completing that activity with them.  I had my students take the pictures using Flipgrid, but you could also have a Google Slide for them to upload pictures to and even included a little writing assignment with it.  They could write a little journal from your perspective or explain the adventure in their own words.

I have included step by step directions for you in this free resource.  It is really easy to create your own Bitmoji and then simply replace mine.  (The resource link can be found at the bottom of this post)

Frequently Asked Questions

There are black squares printing behind my Bitmojis.  What do I do?
***This usually happens on Macs if you are simply copying and pasting a picture.  You could save each Bitmoji to your computer and upload it OR you could simply save your file as a PNG and it will print the entire file as a picture.

How do I find the Bitmojis that are just standing?
***Search "pose" but make sure if you are in the Bitmoji extension on Chrome, you do not press the space bar.

Click here to get your own editable copy!


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