Using Google Slides as your Teacher Planner

Hello darlings!

My teacher bestie and I are so similar when it comes to our passion for teaching and our love for our students!  But we are so different when it comes to planning and how we organize things.  LOL!  I am a paper and digital hybrid.  She is all digital and I wish I could be like her because my life would be so much easier!

How I Plan

I create one template that I love, in Google Slides.  For a few weeks, I type my lessons in the beautiful template and print it out because I like to hang it on my bulletin board right by my desk.  It looks so gorgeous and organized.  As the weeks go on, I get lazy and just start printing out the template and write on it instead.  Totally fine.  Works great.

How My Teacher Bestie Plans

The only issue is now I have to rewrite everything the next year while teacher bestie over here, just duplicates last year's plans, cuts and pastes a few things that she needs to change, and BAM, she's done.  Good for you, teacher bestie!  LOL!

I also envy her because she has all of her small group lessons for math and reading planned out in Google Slides as well.  I just wish I liked typing as much as I do writing.  She is a few years younger than me.  Could that be the difference?  Let's just pretend it is and it's not that I'm lazy.  LOL!

I love that she can just copy and paste from previous years AND if we even had to turn in lessons to our principal, she could very easily just press share on Google Slides.

Going Digital

I think I've just talked myself into giving it another try this year.  It would be nice to have everything in one place

This is the Teacher Planning Toolkit I made for her.  I'm going to give it a whirl myself since so many things are going digital.

I made sure to include everything she, uh, I mean, we, would need to keep organized and save paper!

-Title page
-Curriculum Map for the Year
-Weekly lesson plans
(you can change amount of rows & columns for subject and days!!!)
Template 1: 6 subjects and Mon.-Friday
Template 2: 6 subjects and Mon.-Wed.
6 subjects and Thurs-Friday
-Lesson Ideas and Links (add hyperlinks and pics for upcoming lessons)
-Weekly To Do List 2 formats
-Meeting Notes Form
-Teacher Passwords
-Classroom Schedule
-Classroom Checklist
-Student Transportation
-Class Birthdays
-Student Tech info and passwords
-Student Medical issues
-Parent Contacts
-Parent Communication Log
-Professional Development Log
-IEP at a Glance
-Student Alternative Schedules
-Math Rotations
-Math Small Groups
-Small Group Lesson Template
-Reading Small Groups
-Reading Conferences
-Guided Reading Lesson Template 2 formats
-Writing Small Groups
-Writing Process Stages
-Writing Conferences
-Small Group Template 3 formats
-Student Data Chart
-Student Growth Data
-DRA scores
-Progress Monitoring
-Gradebook pages with AND without premade subjects
Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Word Study, and 4 templates that you edit the subject

 Go check it out and see if it is something that would help you to be more organized this year!

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