End of the Year Ideas for Virtual Teaching

Hello darlings!  Trying to end the year of virtual teaching definitely has be an emotional roller-coaster.  While I am glad to be finished with this computer based typed teaching, I am going to miss my students.  I hate not being able to give them a hug!

To end my year, I hosted a Virtual Class Party on Zoom.  You can do the same on Google Meets.  I created gift bags for my kiddos and then delivered them to their homes the day before our meeting.  I just set them on the front porch or by their door.   I told them not to open it until our meeting.

Party Bags

For each bag, I created a little tag with a poem.  I filled each bag with..
-party hat (Walmart)
-Caprisun (Amazon)
-Rice Krispy Treat (Target)
-mini notebook (Walmart)
-Invisible ink pen (Amazon)
-Photo of them and the class

Free Gift Tag Poem


I used Map Quest to put in way points to create the fastest route.  Google Maps will allow you put in way points, but you have to know the order yourself.  Please note, Map Quest only allows for 26 entries. 

Virtual Meeting

I emailed the parents and told them to make sure students did not open the bags until we were on the meeting together.  This built up a lot of anticipation and excitement for the gift bags. Here is what we did during the meeting.

1. Open Gift Bags and put on party hats
2. I played our Class Photos Slideshow by sharing my screen. (this took 15 minutes)
3. We then went around and each student shared their favorite memory of the year.
4. I told them how proud I was of them and how amazing they had been through all of distance learning.
5. We did a virtual air hug and said goodbye to each other.  Sob, sob.

I hope this gave you a few ideas of how to close out this crazy pandemic year!  Here is a virtual air hug for you!  I know this has been tough!

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