Flat Teacher Adventure Project

Ready to make yourself flat and go on an adventure with your students?

This activity is based on the Adventures of Flat Stanley where a flattened little kid goes on adventures around the world.

  1. First thing you need to do is make a Bitmoji of yourself by downloading the Bitmoji app from the App store.
  2. Next you need to get on your computer and get the Bitmoji Extension on Google Chrome.  
  3. Now you are ready to edit this document and create your own Flat Teacher!
  4. You can edit any text in this document except the title Flat Teacher Adventure that has been saved as a picture to protect font copyrights.
  5. You can delete all of my personal Bitmojis and add your own.
  6. To get a full body Bitmoji for your Flat Teacher, search Pose.
  7. When searching for Bitmojis in the search bar, I have learned to not be super specific and do not press the spacebar.
  8. Download the file as a PDF to print off a better quality. Go to File-Download-PDF. If you have a Mac, you will most likely get black squares printing around your Bitmojis as some computers do not like when pictures are cut and pasted. To fix this, save your file as a png and print that instead.
  9. Print off your Flat Teacher a few to a page, laminate (if possible),, and cut out.
  10. I am mailing these to my students with the Flat Teacher and the directions page.  If you need to save ink, you could always email everything to your parents or just print out and mail the Flat Teacher only and email the directions.
  11. I am having my students post their pictures on Flipgrid (which is amazing!) but you could always have your parents email you pictures.  

Click on the picture to get this free resource.

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