There Their They're: There's No Excuse to Use Them Incorrectly

Hello darlings!  One of my pet peeves is seeing adults still using there, their, and they're incorrectly.  It gives me the heebie jeebies.  One of the things I work hard on with my kiddos is knowing the difference between the words and using them correctly the entire year!

I downloaded this cute flipbook freebie from Teach With Laughter.  I'm going to show you how I used it in my classroom.

I like to get my kiddos up and moving as much as possible.  One of the ways I like to do this is by having kiddos get up and complete a task in someone ELSE's notebook!  Kiddos think it is crazy to be able to write in someone else's notebook and they take more pride in their work when they know someone will be reading it.  It holds them accountable.

Kiddos glued the flipbook in their notebooks and I used Teach With Laughter's free Powerpoint to review the meaning of each word.  

Next, kiddos wrote a sentence using the word correctly underneath the flip.  They underlined the word and wrote their initials beside it.

 Once they finished a sentence in their own notebooks, they had to find another notebook that was available and write a brand NEW sentence using the word correctly and initialing it.

Once the first "there" flap was completed, students went back to their own notebooks and checked the work of their peers.  If they noticed a missing capital, punctuation mark, or other mistake, they politely asked the person to fix it.  Another way to keep each other accountable.

Finally, we repeated the same process for each flap.  I noticed my kiddos were writing neater, taking their time, and writing quality sentences.  They knew their peers would be reading their work and they took pride in it. 

This can be done with any subject or any worksheet/interactive notebook.  I use this technique all the time!

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