President's Day Project Based Learning

Hello Darlings! President's Day is almost here!  Why not throw in a math twist?  In third grade we have learned how to convert inches into feet and feet into inches.  With this in mind, I ask students how much taller they think President Lincoln was than they are now.

To do this we made an anchor chart and did an example together to refresh their memory of conversions from a few months ago.

 They used the brainstorming sheet to convert and compare.  I had a bunch of old borders laying around so I had students measure Abe Lincoln's height and cut off the amount of border they needed.  Next, students got with a partner to measure their own height.  They marked it on the border.

As groups finished, they worked on converting other Presidents' heights into feet and inches.  

 Then they arranged the Presidents in order according to their height.
Finally, we hung up our findings in the hallway for others to see.  Abe was pretty tall!

I've included a freebie and the entire project for purchase below.  Click on the pic you want!  Happy President's Day my darlings!!

What fun activities do you do for President's Day?
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