Bringing the Polar Express to your Upper Grade Classroom

Hello darlings!  In the last week before winter break, we are going to be doing all things POLAR EXPRESS!  Even though this book has been read over and over, my students still love spending an entire week emerged in Polar Express activities!

I created a bunch of resources to make the week before winter break a success.  I created a unit that lasted nine days in reading and writing, but I'm going to have to squeeze them into five!  LOL!  I won't be using everything, but there are so many awesome activities to choose from. Click here to check it out!

Here's a quick overview of some of the resources included!

Here are four free lesson ideas for you!  This is the formatting used for all 18 lessons.  All printables are included in the unit.

I use these centers on the day before we watch the Polar Express Movie.  I usually give each center about 10-15 minutes and then students rotate to the next center. There are 3 ELA and 3 Math centers.

I love this Making Inferences Interactive smartnotebook activity because it gets students up and manipulation objects on the smartboard, but it also has a companion booklet that students complete as we go!  Perfect way to keep all students motivated and engaged!

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