Falling for Math-Halloween Projects

Hello darlings!!  Fall is filled with so many fun and exciting themed activities!  Check out these three math project we do each year!

My absolute favorite is my Haunted Restaurant Project!  This project is good for grades 2-4 because it is EASILY differentiated!  Kiddos are coming up with their own menus for some spooky guests!  They have to make prices that are reasonable and make sense.  For example, entrees should cost more than drinks.

This leads into some great discussion and review of greater than and less than.  I heard students saying things like, "Dracula isn't going to buy a Blood Burger with Flies if it costs $79.50!  That is too much money.  You should charge around $9 or $10 for that!"  We talked about the prices we find when we go to a restaurant and how we should try to keep to that example.

What made it fun for the kiddos was the fact that they were creating menus for Halloween Creatures.  They loved being able to choose foods for specific monsters.  We know witches are "known" for eating frog legs and eye of newt, so they made sure to provide items each creature would like.  I provided ideas on their direction guide, but they were allowed to make up any foods they wanted.  

 Once students designed the menu.  They created a receipt for three different creatures.  They had to total up the prices before they could turn it in to me.
 When they finished totaling each receipt, they had to have two other "waiters" (classmates) check their math for accuracy.  After all, we didn't want to give Frankenstein a receipt with the wrong total.  Who knew what would happen!

The next Halloween Themed project we do is Batty Math.  I have two separate booklets that look identical but each has different numbers.  Set A is for my struggling learners or grade 2 and has students working on three digit addition and subtraction.

Set B is for my on level learners or grade 3 and has students working on four digit addition and subtraction.

My students LOVE being able to make projects and this Bat Project motivates them to complete problems that would have bored them to death on a worksheet.

If you are finished with addition and subtraction and are working on multiplication and division, then the Pumpkin Math Theme Book is for you!  

I like this booklet because it contains a mixture of grade 3 on level problems and some differentiated problems.  It allows for differentiation so your struggling learners feel successful and your gifted learners are challenged.  

You simply give each kiddo a pumpkin card based on their skill level and then they use that card to answer some open ended multiplication questions.  

I hope you enjoy the next two weeks leading up to Halloween!  

I would love to give away a project of your choice to one lucky winner!  Leave a comment about the project you like best with your email and I will choose a winner this week!


  1. I love both of your products - we just started multiplication so I think my sweet third graders would LOVE the pumpkin patch activity. However, I am kind of in love with the adorable bat activity. I guess if I am lucky enough to win you will just have to surprise me!

    P.S. I love your blog!

  2. They are all super cute, I like the haunted restaurant project best because it includes math and language arts activities. I also think the batty math would be perfect since we just finished our unit on addition to 10,000 and are beginning our subtraction unit! My email is tcertain@broomfieldacademy.com

  3. I am so happy to have come across your page! These projects are awesome. I am always looking for things I can use with all of my students as I teach all of the math for our third grade and have everything from struggling learners to gifted students. The haunted restaurant is my favorite! It puts a twist on a real world application and I can see my students getting completely absorbed in finishing and not wanting to leave math class!!

    1. My email is fillmann@mcburg.org.

    2. My email is fillmann@mcburg.org.

    3. Thank you Nikki! You won! I hope you checked your email!!! Congrats!

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