Classroom Reveal

Hello Darlings!  I am linking up with Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and Lucky Little Learners to show you my classroom this year!
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This is the look from the door going inside.  

Here you can see a close up of my classroom library.  My library labels are FREE in my store.

Need to cover some junk?  Behind this lovely curtain, I store all of my teacher manuals and other teachery stuff on this book case.  I covered it with fabric and since I am too lazy to sew, I simply stapled a slot for the tension rod.  It's super easy and it lasts!!!
Here is my classroom computer and my teacher computer.  I have since taken back my teacher computer.  LOL!  Good intentions of letting the kids use it!  That didn't last!  The table cloth is actually a shower curtain that was on sale.  The stools are trash cans that I got at Wal-mart.  I can sit on the metal trash cans and it holds me comfortably.

 Here is my Word Wall.  I can't remember where I got the letters many years ago!  If you recognize them, let me know!  I have a picnic table that I got from Sam's when I started teaching 12 years ago.  I still love it and so do the kids.  They love to work at it and spread out!
 Here's an overview of my Math Area.

 These labels were the TPT Follower Freebie for August.  If you followed me in August (or before), you got an email from me for this freebie!  If you aren't following my TPT store, you should be!

Here is my Math Rotations Board.  I will be doing an entire post about this soon!  If you just want the labels, they are available for purchase here.

Here is a pic of my Focus Wall.  I will hang my learning goals for each subject here.  To the right, you can see my Daily Target area where I write the objective for each day.  This is where I write down homework as well.  You can purchase the labels here.

Above my computer area are my classroom helpers and my reward system.  I use a class money system and each week students can buy things such as Tech Time or Lunch with the Teacher.  These labels are from Owl About Education.

This is my happy place!  For real!  I really do love teaching and I put this canvas up this year to remind me on those days that I feel overwhelmed.  I bought that beauty at At Home.  You can see my secret storage container under my desk.  This is where I store copies for the week or for a unit.

This is my small group area.  Currently, you can see all of my Meet the Teacher Night forms which are editable and available FREE in my store!    You can see a small part of my mailboxes that I got from Target when I first started teaching.  It is a shoe organizer.

Their, They're, and There Poster:  Like the cute homophones poster?  I got it for free from Primary Poka Dots!

This is what I have out on the desks at Meet the Teacher Night.  The Scavenger Hunt is editable and FREE!
 Here is a little peek at the front of my room.  These containers are part of the Scavnger Hunt while students are putting their supplies away.  I store tissues, paper, and other items in these bins.  The Respect Poster is an awesome freebie from Digital Divide and Conquer.  I refer to it everyday!

This is just another little pic from the Scavenger Hunt.

I hope you enjoyed a little peek in my room!  These pics were taken before school started in August.  The classroom now has a lived in feel! LOL!

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  1. What a easy way to make a curtain! I am going to try that one out for sure. Your classroom looks fun and inviting. Looks like you have a great start to the school year.

  2. Looks wonderful!! I love the colors & how organized everything is!!

  3. I was wondering if you were able to post about your math stations yet? I know its a crazy time of year, but I am interested in getting these started and wanted as much information as possible before I dive in! Thanks!

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