TPT Vegas 2015 Amazingness!

Hello darlings!  I can't tell you how much fun I had at the TPT Conference in Vegas this past week!  A lot of people have asked me how much it cost and if it was worth it.  Hmmm.... let me think... YES!  I saw pics from last year and I knew I had to save up.  So, if you were at home and were so annoyed by all the fun pics of Vegas (like I was last year), save up and go!!

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First of all... I went SOLO.  Yep.  I was scared.  I didn't think I would make any friends.  I am NOT outgoing and I HATE small talk because I suck at it.  BUT.. I sucked it up and knew that "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten."  Guess what?  I made A LOT of friends!  These people are great!

I stayed at the Venetian which is where the conference was held.  If you have never been to Vegas, these casinos are little cities.  You could literally never see the light of day for a week.  I was teasing some of the girls because they never left the hotel until the last night.  I was out exploring the strip by myself.  LOL!

My hotel room was huge!

SDE had a conference before the TPT conference for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, Singapore Math, and Differentiated Instruction.  I got to go check out the exhibit and bought some awesome 20 sided dice! The things teachers get excited about!

The best decision I made was to go to the Cool Kids Meet Up hosted by Kayse Morris and Literary Sherri.  It was a smaller meet up at a B&B Burgers and Beers and it allowed me to get to know some people before the HUGE Meet Up later that night!  I met these lovely ladies!  Angela from Fun in 5th Grade, Jane from Canada, and Stacy from Made With Love.

The TPT Blogger Meet up was GIGANTIC for reals!  This is only one side of the line!  They gave us some awesome swag and a free drink.  Yes, I drank wine at a teacher function.  Don't tell my principal...

And then I became a stalker.  Now, I am not a big celebrity fan.  If I saw an actor on the street, I would never go up to them.  I honestly need the illusion to remain real, but with these teacher bloggers it was different.  I follow their blogs all the time and I have so much respect for them as educators.  I HAD to meet them!

Oops!  I forgot Molly's blog button!  She's amazing and blogs at Lessons with Laughter!

If you are a TPTer you probably want all the goods about the sessions.  I know I did last year!  I honestly have no idea how much I can share with you.  Most of the presenters specifically stated not to share this info outside of the conference.  It sucks, but I get it.  They worked hard on these presentations and the conference goers had to pay a lot of mula to go.  So go next year!!!

I can tell you my big take aways.
1. My biggest take away was to realize that I am a Teacher Author- a Teacherprenuer.  This conference made me feel legit and that I am doing nothing weird or wrong by selling my creations.  I always felt like I had to hide it from friends and colleagues.  I always apologized for my crazy font and graphic obsession.  Here, I found that there are TONS of teachers just like me.  So, yep, I have two jobs.  TPT is shifting the way educational materials reach teachers and I am a part of that.

2. Social Networking is HUGE.  Blog? Check.  Instagram? Check.  Facebook? Check.  Pinterest? Check.  Twitter?  Really?  Check.  You need to establish relationships with other people in your Teacher Tribe; 3rd grade for example.  You need people to swap products with and get feedback.  You need to find people who can use your products with their students, take pics of it in action, and blog about it.  If you would be interested and you are a third grade teacher with a blog following, contact me.

3. Videos: Videos are becoming a thing now.  Taking videos of your products and explaining how to use it or seeing it in action.  I want to try this....but...we shall see....

4. Promote other TPTers!  Lift up others.  Encourage and help others!  This is how you help yourself too!  I am so honored to have met so many amazing teachers who are willing to work together even when we are essentially competing.  What a great community!

Here are some of my tips for next year.  God willing, #10 will happen.  LOL!

Did you go to Vegas?  What did you like best?
Didn't get to go?  Will you go next year?

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  1. Hi Amy!
    I love your tips for Vegas next year! Such a good idea to share with others. And I definitely have to agree - don't bring laptop and print the handouts smaller...or not at all (and just take notes)! :)
    Tiffany @ The Learning Effect

    1. Thank you! I know..I feel like I wasted so much paper!

  2. It looks like an awesome trip! Definitely will have to go next year!

    1. It was! I am so glad I get to meet up with you tomorrow!

  3. Hi Amy! I love your 2016 tips! I totally agree with everything. It was nice to meet you and I look forward to working together in the near future!

    Undercover Classroom

    1. Thanks!! Yes! We need to do something collaborative!!

  4. Love the tips! I had a blast too - it was scary stepping out of our comfort zones. I totally agree about the handouts and laptops. I'm also planning on making more of a vacation out of it next year. Hope to see you there!

    1. It definitely was but I am so glad I did! I hope to see you there next year!!!

  5. Amy, your post was awesome! You are so funny and I'm going to be looking for your husband on next year's trip! ;) lol
    Heather from Mrs. Renz’ Class

  6. I love the beautiful pics of the Venetian you took and how you added blogger buttons to the photos! It's helpful because the entire time at the conference I kept trying to match blogs to faces and vice-a-versa. Lol. The tips for Vegas are great! I wrote my own list too (just for myself so far) so I remember what to do for next year. TeacherMsH~Third Is the Word

  7. Love this post! I haven't even had a chance to sit down and blog about Vegas yet! Well done!


  8. Love your tips! But I had brought tons of dressy clothes and ended up being much more comfy in my shorts and t-shirts because the hotel was so big. I was kicking myself for bringing too many dress up clothes. I definitely was glad I was wearing my sneakers since one day alone I walked over 6 miles! Uggghhhh!!!


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