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Hello darlings!  If you've been following me at 3 Teacher Chicks, you know that I am all about providing time saving tips and tricks for teachers, especially third grade teachies!  Thank you for following me over here to my NEW SOLO BLOG!

SHARE the pic below somewhere on social media and email me the link at and I will send you a SPECIAL FREEBIE to show my thanks!

3 Teacher Chicks is my baby, but when my two blog buddies couldn't blog any more, there was only 1 chick.  I stayed 3 Teacher Chicks for a whole year by myself, but, I felt I had multiple personality disorder.  Friends: "What's your blog?" Me: "3 Teacher Chicks."  Friends: "Cool!  Who are the other chicks?"  Me: "There aren't any."  Friends: "Oh."

Sooo.... I'm ready to change everything over to this new baby!  I'm still SUPER scared I'm going to lose readers and fall into the black abyss that is the unfollowed blog!  What if people don't know I moved?  What if all my old pins lead them to 3 Teacher Chicks and they never find their way here?  What if they search for old products on TPT and find my store is gone????? AHHHH!!!!  (It's not gone, the name just changed)   Such fear keeps me awake in the dark hours of the night.  LOL!

YOU are here so THANK YOU!!!!  Please enter this amazing giveaway and tell all of your friends! Remember, if you post the pic above on social media, email me the link at and I will send you a SPECIAL FREEBIE!  There are some awesome prizes here!

A special thanks to the sponsors of this giveaway!  Show them some love by clicking the name!

Thank you for helping me launch my new blog!  


  1. Congrats on your solo blog. I found you via the FB TPT tribe.


  2. Love the new blog. Congrats on going out on your own and making the switch! Excited to continue following you here. All the best! ~Amanda

    1. Thanks for following me over Amanda! I appreciate it!

  3. Congrats on your new solo blog! I'll be sharing your new blog and giveaways. :)

    Kim from Elementary Antics


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