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Hello darlings!  I've been working my bum off trying to organize my resources to better fit your needs!  I love when I hear back from people on FB and Instagram that my resources saved them time!  That is my goal!  To provide quality resources that save you time and energy!

I saved all of my Back to School FREE and sale TPT products in one place in my store to make your life a little easier.  Check it out here...

One of my favorite Back to School resources is my 3rd Grade Reusable and Editable Substitute Plans.  I made these because I was sick of being sick and having to come in to write plans. Like what I did there?!?  LOL!   It's not fair to make teammates scramble to gather lessons and make copies, though they gladly do it and I gladly do it for them.  I wanted to make a binder that contained EVERYTHING the sub would need for the entire day!  All my teamies had to do was grab the binder and give it to the sub! Check out this video for a visual of all the info below!

Last year, my dear friend and teamie, James, had a sudden death in his family.  His brother died and James had to leave in the middle of the day.  Because he had this sub binder ready, it was a seamless transition for his students and his sub and James could focus on his family.

In honor of his brother, James created a beautiful album with classical piano music.  My kiddos listen to these calming songs when they first come in each morning.  It is a great way to start our day. I begged him to make his music available to other teachers and he reluctantly put his album on TPT!  You HAVE to download it!  He has some free songs on there for you to sample.

Please show him some love and click here!

Once you are done checking out Jame's music, make sure to grab a copy of your very own Third Grade Sub Binder! This resource was created especially for your third grade classroom and is meant to be a resource that can be used over and over throughout the school year. It has been tested and been given rave reviews from substitutes. They love how organized, easy, and detailed it is. 

Simply put these resources in a binder with page protector sheets and you are ready for those unexpected sick days and emergencies. Once you use the copies, simply replace them for the next time. Let a teacher on your team know where the binder is or do what I do and l put it in your desk organizer with your other binders. The binder spine label will be visible for your sub!.

Detailed directions for each lesson and activity. (editable)
Editable Forms for classroom procedures 
Editable Binder title
Editable Binder spine
Pictures of finished product

1. Reading: Reading Response Scavenger Hunt to use with any 
fiction book
2. Spelling: Working with Words with High Frequency Words List
3. Writing: Proofreading Partner Power 
4. Math: Five math stations with Number Cards to use with each 
game (differentiated with a challenge choice)
a. Estimation Station: rounding to the nearest ten or hundred
b. Place Value Strategist: greatest and least # and comparing
c. Addition's My Mission: sums of 4 digit #'s
d. Comparing #'s War: comparing 4-6 digit #'s
e. Mental Math Mania: increase and decrease by 10 and 100
5. Science/SS: Research to the Rescue Mini Book: use with any 
Nonfiction text 
Extra: Spinning Spelling 
Friendly Letter 

New Math Stations will be added for the second half of the school year. Once you purchase this resource, any updates I make will be yours, free!

Buying one for each of your teammates is really cheap! I am only charging $2 for each extra teacher!!

And remember!  Go check out all the back to school freebies here!!!

Thanks so much to Tammy from Literacy Loves Company for the awesome Teacher Time Savers Linky party! Check out some other awesome time savers on her blog!



  1. Thank you for sharing this great idea and product! Sub plans are always such a problem when you are least able to get them together.

  2. Wow this is a great idea and time saver! i always spend so much time preparing sub plans that I sometimes its easier to go to work unless I'm bedridden. Not a good thing! I started a substitute binder, but I love how organized and complete your product is! Thank you for sharing it with us!
    Literacy Loves Company

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